Chapter 1: T-Cards and the Wonderful People of Maple Shade, NJ

Our Story

The lamp post... an early morning newspaper sketch to wish the folks of Maple Shade Happy Holidays - Dec. 2014 (Hi Route 38-ers...  I think some of you still have originals!)

T-Cards is more than a business! It has blossomed into its own little corner of Sunshine in a world that sometimes goes dark.  It has grown out of love for the people in our lives and their challenges.  While in search of a way to sustain ourselves, a door has opened allowing us to share happiness in our own little way. Here’s a short story of how it came to be ~ Tammy writes…

“It’s a common story these days. People reaching a point in their lives where they want to follow their hearts and pursue a passion. After working for 40 years in the same jobs, my husband and I had no plans of changing careers; but at the ages of 61 and 57, we were both faced with that scenario out of the blue. A little unsettled - to say the least - we did want to remain active.  So what better than to take a paper delivery route?! No training necessary, a routine to keep us focused, a lot of exercise and best of all – “no people to deal with” at the time! Ironically, I would come to know 140 people very well - without ever really meeting them. What a wonderfully mysterious place the world is at 2:00 a.m.

Communicating with people through messages left in mailboxes is beautifully simple. I imagine them to be a certain way; but I’m sure if I were to meet them, I’d be totally off base. When I started the route, I wanted to wish them all a good day, so I would write “Good Morning” on every paper. That led to adding a little drawing of a “Sun” face, and from there I became obsessed! I would draw more detailed “Suns”, Xerox 140 copies and glue them to card stock. I would try to do this at least 3 times a week. The response I got from people was so overwhelming ~ I quickly became addicted to drawing. So many people suggested that I should sell my “Suns” as cards, that - long story short - my husband, sister and I have started this business.

My only regret is that I was not able to continue my route. I will greatly miss getting all the notes saying, “You always start my day with a smile” or “I look forward to your drawings and I have every one of them”. It would melt my heart every time. I would like to thank the wonderful people of Maple Shade, NJ.  I will never forget your letters, generous tips, gift bags and many, many delicious baked goodies!  I hope you enjoy seeing your “Suns” in a new light and thank-you endlessly for helping to start my life over”.

    -The Sun is Always Shining Somewhere

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  • Wayne Davis

    What amazing creativity. I love every single one of your cards and I cannot wait until I get my first order!! I am certain great success is just around the “Sunnie” corner!

  • Andy and Jill Wasserman

    Finally had the strength to face your beautiful sympathy card – no doubt the best sympathy card I’ve ever seen. Also ordered a few tote bags for my kids and your website is great. Will be ordering again soon. Love and best wishes to you both!

  • Lauren Fadeley

    So glad to read this and know you are all so happy and doing well! Congrats on your new endeavor and hope to see you on Shark Tank soon!

  • Vicky Lyras

    Life is full of twists, hurdles and turns but the Sun does always come out tomorrow! Wishing you sun-filled success with every new card and item you create. “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

  • Robin Glasser

    Such a heartwarming story in so many ways. I wish you guys a future full of love and sunshine!

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