Chapter 3: Off to the Land of Collections

Our Story

It’s a good thing I’m a Capricorn, because from the very beginning of the business start-up, it became very clear we were going to be exercising our organizational skills. As you can tell from my previous entries, our business is evolving slowly as we learn one skill after another. I actually felt as though it had a life of its own and took off without us. Eventually we started to catch up, looked at each other and kicked into gear. “Hey, this looks like something that could really happen!”

Ideas began formulating seemingly all at once, a card tornado of sorts. My sister looked at my puddle of drawings, which were "all over the place", and suggested we start putting them into categories. I believe we started with 3 generically named ones. Three, wow - that sounded like a lot to me. How would I fill those up? I believe they were Classic, Whimsy and Nature; but that was so many versions ago - it is a giant Category Blur to me. From this point, we started to develop a little pattern. I would draw, draw, draw – then my sister would call me and say something like; “You know, you have quite a few suns showing a new theme, maybe you should start a new category!” OooooooK! If you draw enough of anything, it’s inevitable that you see similarities forming. Even 3 drawings of one subject is worth developing. Sooooo, again I draw, draw, draw, my sister calls – and we continue with all the groups growing.

Along with every category addition, came some restructuring of the groups. We would move the suns around like Chess pieces in order to create balanced and interesting groups. Originally, our goal was to have at least 10 suns in 5 established categories, and we were moving towards that goal pretty well. Wait….. is that the phone? Oh no…….that’s right, my sister!

I was such a drawing maniac, that I hadn’t looked up to see the forest for the trees - or in my case – the suns thru the fog! My sister pointed out that the biggest reasons for buying cards for the majority of people, are the Holidays and Special Occasions (she worked at Hallmark for a while and knows these things). Anyway, I felt the Holidays would not be a problem; but the Occasions would be another story. The thought of drawing an “emotion” with a sun sort of put me into a tailspin. I abandoned the ideas I was working on and pursued a different “style” to help me with my new challenge. Obviously, with blank cards, it’s up to the drawing to convey the entire message… "Oh the pressure"!

The other aspect of the categories was to name them. We began with the usual suspects... "Holidays", "Classics", "Occasions", etc….. BORING. The cards (and their names) were so colorful and interesting; these category titles didn’t seem to generate any interest at all. After some serious goofing around and some major bouts of hysterical laughing, we discovered that all the titles sounded better if they were comprised of 2 words. ex: Classics became “Classical Notes” (also a nice play on words), Occasions was changed to: “Heartfelt Moments” and so on….. more colorful and much more descriptive!  Even the name Category was upgraded to "Collection".  At this point we have 10 Collections with 3 or 4 in the works; and most have 12-20 suns - give or take a sun.

Hold on……. …. I have to go – my phone is ringing!!!

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