Chapter 2: It’s All in the Names

Our Story

Here now, is a short story of how naming the “Suns” came about. It’s almost embarrassing – it exposes how little I knew about business and planning ahead. In my defense, I must file a little disclaimer here…… When I started my drawings, I had absolutely no idea what my future held. Had I known my drawings were to actually BE my future, my focus may have shifted somewhat. At the time, my sole purpose was to do as many drawings as possible; to keep a constant source of inserts for my paper route. I could fit 12 “little suns” on a sheet of 8 x11 paper. Every now and then, I would get an idea that required more detail, so the sun had to be larger. I would put 4 of the “Big Suns” on the same size paper. Then the chaos began!

When my sister, who lives in Seattle, and I decided to start our business, I began sending her photos of my suns from my phone. She, in turn, would enter them into her computer. After she began to see how many drawings I had already done, she gave me a little phone call. She suggested that we start to number them for the sake of ordering in the future. So here is where the “embarrassing” part comes into play. I was numbering the suns: “Little Suns” … 1 – 12 “Big Suns” …….. 1 – 4 …etc., not realizing that on her end, all the photos were the same size - a humbling moment! Shortly after that, we realized it would be a lot easier to name the suns, to alleviate confusion when we were discussing them on the phone. SO, the fun began for me! This has actually become a favorite part of the process.

Allow me to take a short detour for a moment…. I am from San Diego, and when I was in 2nd grade, Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) visited our grade school to select children for an upcoming project. The premise of the book, was to have numerous short stories, showing children playing with animals at the zoo. Dr. Seuss wrote the text to accompany the photos. A handful of us were selected – how lucky were we – and for the next month, we were picked up at lunch time to go play at the zoo, then returned to school. NOT BAD! I do believe that experience had a profound effect on me. Everything that appeals to me is either a play on words or has a whimsical side to it.

Therefore, naming the suns has become a priority for me – I won’t draw a sun until it has a name that I love. It just wouldn’t seem complete. The names of the suns are printed on the back of the card to complete the concept of the drawing. There are a few cards that have a more sincere or straight forward name, as the “Occasion” is not appropriate for a whimsical approach. There are times when “simple” is a beautiful thing . For the remaining 97% of the cards; I hope they will make the corners of your mouth turn upward………

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