Chapter 4: The Logo Saga

Our Story

I’m not sure how the process of envisioning a logo works for most people. For myself, my vision barely qualifies as a process. I’m the sort of person that likes to go with what pops into my mind first  -  especially if it has a little “inside meaning” that will bring a smile to my soul.

After 40 years in the dance world, I found myself  -  quite by accident  -  embarking on a business venture with my sister, into the “Land of Cards”. A great partnership really…. I love to draw and my sister has a brain that tries to wrap itself around anything! Basically, I just followed my sister’s lead as she started to form ideas for a business. So when she suggested I think up a Trademark and logo name, being a simple minded person, I thought-well… name starts with a “T” and we’re selling cards…. Voila – T-Cards! Then a couple minutes later / poof…. by “Badballerinas”. The reason being: my career had not ended under my terms; plus I loved the sound of it!

At that point, I had just started drawing and really hadn’t developed a style of my own at all. So I ended up drawing a “little doodle” that resembled a smiley face with frizzy hair. It was honest  -  I  DO have frizzy hair  -  but not terribly interesting. However, my sister and I waded along; developing formats and categories for the cards. Somewhere in there, my drawings began to take hold of some styles and we were finding a “look” for our product. One day, my sister called me and we discussed that my “little head” really had nothing to do with the work I was now doing. Was that really the first impression of our business we wanted to give people?...........                 noooooooooo!

Soooo… I needed to draw my “Badballerina”. Since the “SUN” is the base for ALL my drawings; I pulled out the lid of my milk carton  -  like I always do  -  traced my circle, and began my ballerina! She has all the ballerina fixins’ ……. A tutu, pointe shoes, a wand & crown and her hair is “up”. It’s just that everything is a little oddly placed, and the fact that her body is a “sun” gives her a definite personality!

My process was to draw the original in pencil, ink over it with pen, clean it up and then finish with shading. This process has evolved since, but always starts with these four steps. My ballerina was born! She is "legal" now and I have turned her over to my sister, of course, to make her the woman she is today!

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