The Little Ones ~ Set of 6 Gift Enclosures

Wrap Your Words in our Sets of Little Suns!

                      Picking up a gift for someone's birthday, shower, wedding, anniversary, new baby?                                     Would you like to say "thank you" to your hostess, "I'm thinking about you" to your friend, or "please get well" to your co-worker?
Gift Enclosures are a quick and practical adornment to your bottle of wine, bouquet of flowers, gift card, or box of our T-Cards! These little notes are perfect to keep on hand!
     The "Little Ones ~ Set of 6 Gift Enclosures" offer two choices to meet your needs.
Choose from pre-selected sets of 6 gift enclosures based on a theme or occasion; or
better yet, choose the "Mini Mix ~ Pick Six! " set and pick exactly the 6 gift enclosures YOU want! 
 Check out the "Ready ~ Set ~ Gift Boxes of 6" for the full size assortments of T-Cards.