Thermador Magnet

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$ 1.50


Clam bake & lobster broil! To shrimp on the barbie & oyster guzzlin' good times in the Sun!

Cling a THERMADOR T-Cards by Bad Ballerinas sun-inspired design on your kitchen appliances, washing machine/dryer, memo board frame, school or gym locker, and workshop cabinets with magnets from the Magnetic Rays Magnet Collection! Need a chuckle? This design from the Epicurean Delights Collection will do it!

Shop our Magnetic Rays Collection for lots of cheery and fun ways to keep track of your messages, reminders, lists, photos, mementos, notes to loved ones or the babysitter!

Our Magnetic Rays magnets are fun add-ons to Holiday, Special Occasion, Birthday, Good Luck, Congratulations, or Thank You gifts. 

COLLECT ALL THE MAGNETIC RAYS MAGNETS and share among friends. What an easy, fun and inexpensive way to share some sunshine among family and friends!



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