Frequently Asked Questions


We hope you are enjoying the T-Cards by Bad Ballerinas website and products.

We would love to hear from you… questions, comments, suggestions, requests…

please feel free to contact us for any reason.

Should you have a question, perhaps you will find your answer in one of our “FAQ’s” below:

  • What is the difference between the “Classy” and “Sunazzy” style of card?

The cards (image, paper, card back, etc.) are identical.  They come in the same protective sleeve and with the same golden Bad Ballerina foil seal. The difference in card styles is the border design and the envelope color. The “Classy” style has a straight border and comes with a white envelope.  The “Sunazzy” style has a decorative border and comes with a colored envelope. 


  • I noticed photos of images displaying both a 5 x 7 Card and the smaller matching Gift Enclosure. Does this mean they come as a set?

No, they do not come as a set.  The 5 x 7 cards and Gift Enclosures are sold separately.  The photos are shown to give the customer an accurate idea about the size of the Gift Enclosure in relationship to the full size card.  In addition, the photo shows just how beautifully the cards have been colored and printed.


  • I see some great cards in some of the Ready-Set-Gift Boxes of 6 that I don’t seem to be able to find as individual cards?

That is correct!  We are using the boxed sets to offer two types of card groupings ~ one being a combination of like cards that have a composite image of them all (Funny Faces ~ Reflections in a Box of 6 and Seasons ~ Changes in a Box of 6); the other being 6 color variations of a single image (Rainbow of Wisps ~ Beauty in a Box of 6).  At this time, some of these cards are only available in these sets.  However, as more of these sets are introduced, all of these cards will become available as single cards.   


  • I have some favorite card images that are not available as a Print, Flag or Tote Bag. Is there a chance that I can get my favorite images made into another product?

There is… as we are able to add to our inventories of products, we will be depending on feedback from our customers as to which images should be the next ones available.  If you have an image you would like made into a product, please send us an email at and let us know!


  • What is a “Sunicon”?

These little characters are the T-Card version of an icon.  In keeping with the style of the products and site, “Sun” and “Icon” = “Sunicon”.  Each has its own message… it will direct, inform or humor you.


  • Will the watermark that is visible on the website images be on the card itself?

No!  The watermark is only visible on the website… never on the card itself.


  • Is there any difference between the plastic Gift Card and the E-Certificates issued online?

Either form of Gift Card comes in $10, $25, $50 and $100.00 denominations.  They may be spent on the website identically.  T-Card Gift Cards / E-Certificates never expire.  Your gift may be spread over multiple transactions.  Credit balances will be carried forward to future purchases so you are able to spend each and every dollar.

Electronic Gift Certificates are free of shipping charges.  The denomination of choice is placed in the Shopping Cart. Once the order has been fulfilled, the purchaser receives an email with a “certificate” and code.  Codes may be used immediately, printed out to use later or sent to another person as a gift (attach your message along with your forwarded gift certificate).

The plastic Gift Cards will be activated upon purchase and sent to the customer.  A nominal shipping fee applies, however, many customers like having an “actual “card to give as a gift.


  • Are the House and Garden Flags weather resistant?

Yes they are!  The fabric used to make our flags has been used outside for over 30 years.  The fabric is soft and maintains color vibrancy in all weather conditions.


  • Are the Tote Bags washable?

Yes they are!  Out Totes have come through test washings beautifully.  We advise they be washed in cold water as you would any product that has bright colors.


  • Will I be able to ship to a different address than the billing address?

Yes – you will be given a choice at checkout.


  • How long will it take to get my products?

Order fulfillment will be made within 48 hours or less.  You will have the option to have your products sent by first class or priority mail.  Contact us if you have a special shipping need.