The T-Cards by Bad Ballerinas Reward Program ~ How It Works!

T-Cards by Bad Ballerinas would like to thank our customers by inviting them to join our REWARDS PROGRAM!


Here's how it all works!

1) TO JOIN:  Simply register (by creating an account) your preferred email address so we can send you account details and important notices about bonuses and promotions! Your email address also makes it possible for us to credit your account even if you have forgotten to log in!  Create your account by clicking on "Register" at the top of the Home Page.

2) EARNING POINTS: There are multiple ways to earn points!

          By Joining:  New members of the program receive 250 starter points just for signing up!

          By taking advantage of special bonuses and promotions: Members receive email notification of all upcoming Reward incentives.  These points accumulate in addition to points received from purchases.

          By Purchasing: All members automatically receive Reward Points for purchases. The number of points awarded is based on the earning ratio of points per dollar spent. Our Reward Program features three tiers of earning ratios... the more you spend, the more you earn!  


The "Sun Ray" Tier: (our base tier) ~ Upon joining the Reward Program, customers are automatically placed in the "Sun Ray" tier which earns them 5 points for every dollar spent. Membership in the Sun Ray tier is automatic upon joining.

The "Sun Beam" Tier: Customers who spend a total of $200.00 (may be accumulated over multiple purchases) rise to the "Sun Beam" Tier which now earns them 7 points for every dollar spent.

The "Super Sun" Tier: Customers who spend a total of $500.00 (may be accumulated over multiple purchases) rise to the "Super Sun" Tier which now earns them 10 points for every dollar spent.

  • Membership in the Sun Beam and Super Sun tiers is LIFETIME once the purchase minimum has been met!

4) REDEEMING POINTS: Once logged in to your account, you will see your available point total at the top of the page. You may also view detailed totals by going to your account page. 

  • Each product you view will show the number of points necessary to purchase the item next to the dollar amount.  If you wish to purchase the item with points, click on the Redeem Button.  If you do not have enough points available, you will see text that tells you how many points you still need for that item.
  • At this time, items purchased with points must be made as single transactions. The application developer for this program is working on being able to include point redemption products along with additional dollar items.  Until that feature is included, once you click on the "Redeem with points" button, you will be directed to a menu for shipping details and - GOOD NEWS - SHIPPING IS FREE FOR ITEMS PURCHASED WITH POINTS!
  • Your new point total balance will show at the top of the page.

5) ACCOUNT INFORMATION: You may view the status of all your transactions, including Reward Point totals and usage, on Your Account Page.

6) Reward Program Members will receive email confirmation of all Reward Program transactions that pertain to the acquisition or use of points. 

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