Fa-La-La Outdoor/Window Flag

$ 13.50


Wrap Your Words in Our Flying Suns!

Christmas trees abound! Tall ones, short ones, thick and thin, fancy or plain. 'Tis the season to be jolly! Fa-La-La-La-La... La-La-La... La-La...La...  The "Fa-La-La" Decorative Flag joins other Christmas flags in the Fall-Winter Holiday Fare Collection.

Window Hanger ($4.00) comes sized for the Garden/Window 12x18 flag only and is sold separately just by clicking on this link.  12 x 18 Window Hanger

Our garden and window flags were made for the Sun! Adorn your home & garden with Seasonal and Holiday Flags. No place to fly a flag outside?  Hang a 12x18 flag in your window with the window hanger found in this collection. The intense colors on such a beautiful fabric are inspiring with the sun shining through.

Soft and strong, the denier polyester fabric for our flags has been flown for over 30 years in weather of all kinds.  A reversed design on the back, the colors remain rich and bold on both sides. The straight stitching and strong top pocket for your hanger (with the safety tab) ensure your flag will look beautiful for years to come.  And yes... they are washable!  

Design Features & Details 
Size Garden/Window 12" x 18",  House 28" x 40"
Theme     Christmas, Christmas Trees, Trees, Decorations

Your favorite Bad Ballerinas illustrations flying in the Sunny sky! See more designs to fly in the Fly Me! ~ The Sunny Breezes Decorative Flags Collection!

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