Suniselle ~ Act 2 Greeting Card

$ 5.00


Wrap Your Words in Our Suns!

The Suniselle ~ Act 2 (Giselle from the same) T-Card Greeting Card from The Bad Ballerinas The Sunerinas Collection brings the delicate nature of the classical ballet to life.

A soft silhouette of the sylph-like Wilis, her ethereal qualities make her appear to be balancing on a thread, as she floats through her movements.

Bad Ballerinas Artisan T-Cards feature brilliant colors and a magnificent sheen. Card centers are easy to write on and smudge-free.

Artisan T-Cards are printed on Forest Stewardship Council and Rainforest Alliance Certified paper. Their endorsement signifies responsible forest management and conservation practices to aid in the protection and sustainability of our environment.

Design Features & Details 
Size Card 5" x 7" Envelope 5.25" x 7.25"
Includes   Bad Ballerinas gold seal, envelope, protective sleeve
Theme Ballerinas, Ballet, Famous Ballets, Giselle
Style Keep it Classy or Make it Sunazzy!
Classy Features a straight-cut border & white envelope
Sunazzy Features a decorative-cut border & colored envelope
Your Ballerina dreams enveloped in a T-Card!

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